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All about Rare Vineyards...

This week our focus is on Rare Vineyards, one of our best selling and delicious ranges from Southern France.

Rare Vineyards is a very special range of wines, created to highlight the precious relationship between a grape variety and its terroir. The term 'terroir' is a French term that literally means 'soil, land' and it is the special character that a wine is thought to get from the particular place where the grapes were grown. Like no other country, France offers a fascinating diversity of soil, climate and winegrowing methods. This diversity allows the winemakers to find the best location for each varietal and craft outstanding wines.

The 2021 harvest in France, especially in the South was one of the toughest on records. A widespread frost hit in mid-April, destroying a large percentage of vines across the country. Almost all wine-growing regions were impacted, the Languedoc vineyards in the South, normally spared this type of phenomenon, were also seriously affected. Nevertheless, the spring and summer months were sunny, with low levels of rain. The grapes matured slowly, with significant rainfall at the beginning of September. Despite tough conditions the quality of this year’s crop is particularly high!

The Rare Vineyards range contains five wines:

Pinot Noir

The grapes come from vineyards close to the Pyrénées Mountains; about 30% of the blend is aged in French oak. The smooth, velvety palate shows cherry and blueberry flavours backed with a hint of sweet oak spice. Pairs well with light meats, cheese and garlic dishes.


The label shows this wine to be 'vieilles vignes' or 'old vines' The fruit was sourced from 40-year-old Carignan vines. This shows with a richness of fruit and depth of flavour, backed with herbaceous notes. If you love the Malbec please try the Carignan - you will be pleasantly surprised! With its earthy notes it pairs well with all meats, spicy dishes and richer vegetables such as pumpkin and mushroom.


You won't be disappointed in this delicious Malbec. Grown in its original home in the South of France, this is a velvety, overtly fruity wine with violet aromas and some spice on the palate. Pairs well with red meats, dark poultry and oily fish such as salmon.


A blend of Rhône varieties grown in the warm vineyards of the d'Oc region of Southern France. Unoaked, the emphasis is on fresh, lively citrus fruit, backed by notes of peach blossom, the finish is soft and rounded. Pairs well with seafood, fish, and Asian cuisine.

Cinsault Rose

Dry, fruity and very easy drinking. Made from 100% Cinsault, cool-fermented and bottled early to capture all of the fresh summer-fruit flavours. Shows notes of raspberry and cherry on a refreshing palate. Pairs well with any foods.