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Celebrating National White Wine Day - August 4th.

Everyone loves a cool, refreshing glass of white wine during these balmy summer evenings. There are many different varietals to choose from, each giving you a delicious, mouth-watering taste, which will you be pouring into your glass?

Sauvignon Blanc – gooseberry, herbal, lemon, lime, passionfruit, pear-drops, grass

Chardonnay – apples, tropical fruits, buttery, honeysuckle, creamy, floral

Riesling – lime, mineral, apricot, petrol, floral

Chenin Blanc – yellow apple, quince, pear, lime, melon, peach, mandarin

Gewürztraminer – rose petals, lychee, peaches, ginger, spice

Semillon - lemon, green apple, tropical fruit, often used blended with other wines

Viognier – aromatic, jasmine, apricots, violets, floral

Pinot Grigio or Pinot Gris – they are the same varietal flavours of white peach, apricot, white flowers, almond, grapefruit

Albariño – lime, peach, floral, lemon, mineral/salty, grapefruit

Inzolia - nutty, citrusy flavours with herbal notes, white peaches

Grenache Blanc - intense citrus, stone fruits and herbaceous notes

Trebbiano - light, fresh, lemon and lime flavours

Verdejo - fennel, grassy, citrus notes often used in blends

Marsanne – toasted nuts, honey, soft, ripe pear, quince

Colombard – distinctive guava flavour often used in blends

Roussanne – floral, honey, pear often used in blends

Bacchus - similar to Sauvignon Blanc with lime, gooseberry, elderflower and cut herbs

Chablis - not a variety but a well known french white wine from northern Burgundy in France. This is made of the Chardonnay grape and has a pure crisp mineral flavour unlike any other Chardonnay.

With so many to choose from we're sure you'll find a glass to suit you.

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