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Discover our new wines from Georgia!

We delighted to be stocking three new wines from Georgia. Two amber wines, Georgian Sun Mtsvane and Georgian Sun Mtsvane-Rkatsiteli and a red wine Georgian Sun Saperavi, all from the Kakheti region in Georgia.

Georgia has over 500 unique grape varieties and many of these varieties are indigenous to Georgia and are not found anywhere else in the world. Georgia has a long and rich history of wine-making and viticulture, over 8000 years, and the wines produced here are known for their unique flavor profiles and complexity.

The Georgian Sun wines are made in a European style which means the wines are lighter and more approachable, and they are vinified in stainless steel and in qvevri. Qvevri are handmade clay fermentation vessels which are buried in the ground. They are unique to Georgia and give the wines a complexity and distinctive flavour. These wines are perfect for those trying Georgian wines for the first time. The amber wines should be served slightly chilled, not as cold as a white wine.