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GRANFORT: Wine of the Month

GRANFORT wines pay homage to a minimalist approach, where the terroir speaks for itself. The quality of this range of wines begins in the vineyard. The winemaker is particularly precise and conscientious in their quest for perfection, selecting grapes only grown from premium vineyard blocks from the South of France. Crafted from a rich vine growing heritage, GRANFORT is the culmination of the most noble winemaking techniques, in keeping with the skills handed down through the generations. 

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There are five wines in the GRANFORT range:

Cinsault Rose

A delicate salmon-pink rose with notes of raspberry, cherries and redcurrants, pairs well with salad, seafood, grilled chicken and pasta.

Sauvignon Blanc

A zesty crisp white wine with herbal, gooseberry and citrussy notes, pairs well with fish and light meat dishes, perfect for summer drinking.


A soft, green apple scented white wine with minerally notes, this wonderful Chardonnay pairs well with spicy dishes, chicken and white meats.


A medium-bodied juicy, fruity red wine with notes of plum, cherry and blueberry, perfect with Mediterranean food, creamy or tomato pasta dishes.

Cabernet Sauvignon

A full-bodied luscious red wine with blackcurrant, dark plum, chocolate and cedar notes pairs well with light meats and vegetable dishes.

French wine fact: Pays d'Oc is the IGP (indication geographique protegee) for red, white and rosé wines that are made within an area on the southern coast of France. The catchment area for the IGP roughly corresponds to the Languedoc-Roussillon wine region.