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Handpicked Autumnal Reds

With the nights drawing in this October, it's time to curl up by the fire and choose a delicious glass of warming red. We've got so many different grape varieties to choose from:

Rioja - dark berries, cherries, vanilla and oak, why not try with a tasty paella?

Malbec - dark ripe fruits such as blackberries and cherries a perfect match for any dish

Shiraz - rich, dark and spicy Shiraz goes well with lean meats, cheeses and spicy dishes

Carmenere - this Chilean classic goes perfectly with all types of curries

Cabernet Sauvignon - with notes of dark fruits, cherries and blackberries with hints of mint and herbs Cabernet goes deliciously with meat dishes, especially those with a bit of fat such as lamb, ribs or duck

Merlot - deliciously easy drinking with ripe red fruits and low tannins, perfect with poultry

Pinot Noir - a lighter red with red forest fruits pairs well with poultry and fish, it can be served slightly chilled

Nero d'Avola - with hints of red fruits, plums and peppers tastes delicious with hearty dishes and stews

Carignan - a dry and fruity red tastes delicious with rich poultry and pork

Have you found the one you want to try? Take a look through the website, we're sure you'll find a wine you like.