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Pinotage Day 9th October

It's Pinotage Day on Saturday 9th October and we're celebrating this delicious signature grape variety from South Africa.

Pinotage is a red grape variety that was created in 1924 by professor of viticulture, Abraham Perold at Stellenbosch University. He crossed two grape varieties Pinot Noir and Cinsault (Hermitage) and planted four seeds in his garden. These plants went untouched until they were rescued in 1928 then in 1935 they were grafted on to rootstock and the grape variety we know today as pinotage was created.

Pinotage is very dark red in colour and has flavours of blackberry, plum and raspberry fruits with hints of sweet tobacco, smoke and liquorice. It pairs well with lamb, venison and beef. Some people find pinotage similar to shiraz, so if you like a shiraz why not give it a try?

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