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#ShirazDay today 22nd July!

The fourth Thursday of July is Shiraz Day, celebrating this superb varietal across the winemaking world. 

Shiraz, also known as Syrah, is a dark-skinned grape variety grown in many regions across the world, notably the Rhône in France, California, South Africa, Chile and the Barossa Valley in Australia. 

Shiraz and Syrah are the same varietal, the difference comes from the regions in where it is grown. Cooler climate regions tend to call the wine Syrah, this style is leaner, restrained and has more savoury notes to it whereas warmer regions such as Australia call it Shiraz, this style is bolder and more fruit driven.

Syrah is a full bodied dry wine with flavours of black and red fruits, smoke, black pepper, violets and herbs. If aged in oak it takes on vanilla and spicy notes.

Shiraz is more bold and full bodied with tastes of jammy fruits, blueberries, ripe blackberries, meaty smoke flavours and black pepper spices.

The colour should be a deep ruby-red to purple, often almost inky in tone, as it ages it becomes lighter in colour. Syrah/Shiraz can be used to make Rose wines. It generally has moderate to high alcohol levels therefore should be served with a slight chill, 15 min in the fridge before serving. This will bring out the true flavours of the wine.

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