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Sip Pink this summer

Who doesn't love cool refreshing pink Rosé during this heatwave? 

Which is your favourite style?

From a delicate pink sparkling to a fresh, light, pale Provençal or a sweeter, darker pink Californian, there are so many to choose from.

White Zinfandel - deep pink, medium and sweeter in style

Pinot Grigio - delicate strawberry flavours and pale pink in colour

Cinsault - often used in Provençal, dry, fruity and light in colour

Grenache - often deeper in colour and bursting with red berry fruits

Pinot Noir - fresh, delicate and fruity

Merlot - bursting with dark berry fruits and darker in colour

Cabernet Sauvignon - cherries and strawberries in a darker hue

Syrah - richer, bolder with strawberry notes, deep in colour

How is Rosé wine made?

Skin contact method

Many Rosé wines are made using the 'skin contact' method. Black grapes are crushed and the juice is left with the skins for anywhere between two and twenty hours, the more contact, the deeper the colour of the wine. 

Saignee method

Pink juice is removed during the red wine making process to give the red wine more tannins and colour. This pink juice is then fermented to create Rosé. 

Blending method 

Red and white wines are blended to produce the pink colour, this method is not widely used and discouraged in France, only being used in the making of Rosé Champagne. 

Did you know the term Rosado or Rosato is used in Spain and Italy to describe Rosé? We're sure you can find a style that you like out of our selection of delicious Rosé wines.