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Smashing #ShirazDay 28th July

Shiraz or Syrah is a red grape variety originating from the Rhone area in France. It is well known around the world and grown in South Africa, New Zealand, Chile, California and Australia. 

Is there a difference between Shiraz and Syrah?

It is the same grape variety, the difference comes from climate and the terroir (soil) in which it is grown. This gives the grape different characteristics, aromas and flavours.


Typically grown in cooler climates such as Chile and France. It is a dry, refined wine with good acidity and firm tannins. You will find notes of black and red fruits with violet aromas and hints of black pepper. Moderate alcohol levels of 13-14%.


Typically grown in warmer areas such as South Africa and Australia. Full bodied, bold wines with alcohol levels between 14-15%. You will find notes of big jammy fruits such as cherry and blackberry with hints of smoke, black pepper and spice.


- Make sure you put it in the fridge for 15min or so before serving to appreciate the full flavour of the wine.

- Shiraz is delicious in a blend, we've got a few to choose from.

- Pairs well with grilled or BBQ meats, mushrooms and rich pasta.