6 o'clock Gin

6 o’clock Gin is a family-run, craft gin brand with over 30 years’ experience in the spirits industry. They patiently distil strikingly smooth artisan gins in small batches, using traditional skills and only the best natural ingredients. They are very clear about their sustainable values and are one of the few solar-powered distilleries in the UK.

The 6 o’clock Gin name was inspired by a long-held family tradition of indulging in the first G&T of the evening at 6 o’clock; a very British custom, still enjoyed at the distillery and shared by gin-lovers all over the world – after all, it’s always 6 o’clock somewhere.

Their intention has always been to build a well-thought out core range of classic gins that will stand the test of time. This selection is led by their flagship London Dry, which serves as the spirit base for the rest of the range. Their Damson and Sloe are notable for having at least twice the maturation time of other similar gins on the market and their exquisitely engineered Brunel packs a warming, spicy punch. 

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