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6 O'clock London Dry Gin in gift box, 70cl

6 o'clock Gin
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Strikingly smooth to taste and beautiful to behold in its iconic Bristol-blue glass bottle, the original, multi-award-winning 6 O’clock Gin was born in 2010, perfected from an old family gin recipe. It has a soft and citrusy flavour, led by juniper, carefully balanced with coriander seed, angelica root, orris root, winter savory, elderflower and orange peel, all lovingly distilled for a deeply-delicious taste experience. It comes in an exclusive gift box to make the perfect present.

TASTING NOTES: Elegant, crisp and fresh, 6 O’clock London Dry Gin is a classic juniper-led gin with refreshing and balanced notes of orange citrus, elderflower and subtle spice.

WITH TONIC: Serve with plenty of ice, tonic and a lemon twist for a refreshing G&T.

FOR MIXING: Versatile for mixing in a wide range of cocktails from The Martini and Martinez to The Negroni and Gin Rickey