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6 O'clock Damson Gin in gift box, 70cl

6 o'clock Gin
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Fantastically fruity, 6 O'clock Damson Gin is definitely something special. Masses of luscious, hand-picked British damsons are left to steep for six months or more in strikingly smooth London Dry Gin. Slowly matured, the resulting rich, ruby-red gin is velvety and smooth with an intense depth of flavour and fruity dryness; unlike many fruit gins, it delivers quite a kick – bottled with an alcohol content of 40%. It comes in an exclusive gift box to make the perfect present.

TASTING NOTES: Aromas of damsons and marzipan waft out of the glass. Deliciously fruity plum and date flavours are followed up with a flash of citrus and spice, then subtle tannins on the finish to refresh and balance out the sweetness.

FOR MIXING: Plenty of ice and a healthy splash of tonic water pulls back the gin’s sweetness a notch, adding a balancing quinine bitterness but keeping the gin’s distinctive plummy damson flavours.