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Deau Cognac VS

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The DEAU family history is rooted in the land and its vines, intertwined with the history of cognac itself. Double distillation was invented in the 17th century, giving cognac its unique and excellent qualities. The name of the winemaker Louis Deau appears in the archives during this same period, born in Saintonge in 1665. From generation to generation, the descendants of Louis Deau have cultivated the vines with passion, making the best wines used to create great cognacs.

Our Very Special cognac is made from expertly distilled eaux-de-vie using the traditional Charentais still method. Slowly aged in new, French-made barrels.

Nose: Fresh, intense, and aromatic with notes of birch, grape blossom, peach, and citrus.

Palate: Soft and fresh attack, with an elegant oaky flavor developing to a touch of orange zest. The supple finish is fresh and intense. Perfectly enjoyed in a long drink.

Color: Pale gold.