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Bottega Pistachio Liqueur, 50cl

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Veneto & Sicily, Italy

Bottega Pistachio Liqueur is made using pistachios growing on the slopes of Mount Etna. They are harvested in Sicily and processed using a traditional method of turning them to a paste which preserves all their precious organoleptic characteristics. The paste is then expertly mixed with alcohol, water and sugar, creating a creamy, round, velvety liqueur with an intense aroma of pistachios. A final touch of grappa is added making it unique and unmistakable.

Colour and appearance: Pistachio green

Nose: Intense aroma of pistachio with a delicate hint of almond

Taste: Soft, round, delicate and intriguing

ABV: 17%

Lactose free: no milk is used in this liqueur

Perfect served cold as a digestif, a cocktail ingredient or with ice-cream.