Moisans Canoubier Rum

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Barbados, in the Caribbean Islands, is considered the birthplace of rum, home to the world’s oldest distilleries that continue to produce unique and exceptional rum. Canoubier Rum from Barbados is made with a selection of the best sugarcane and created with care using the purest traditional methods.

The rum finishes ageing in our old cognac barrels. Distillerie des Moisans' Cellar Master’s experience in the ageing process makes for an aromatic, quality rum ideal for creating and enjoying both tall and short cocktails.

Nose: Sweet first scents of vanilla and coconut cake, ending on spiced notes of cinnamon.
Palate: A gourmet and smooth opening with flavors of gingerbread. Beautifully long and full-bodied.
Finish: A voluptuous rum, playfully sweet with pleasantly spiced notes.
Color: Light amber

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