Rare Vineyards Marsanne-Viognier, 75cl

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Vin de France

Rare Vineyards Marsanne-Viognier is a blend of Rhône varieties. Grown in the warm vineyards of the d'Oc region of southern France.

Un-oaked the emphasis is on fresh, lively citrus fruit. Backed by notes of peach blossom.

The finish is soft and rounded.

So Marsanne and Viognier are two grape varieties that you may, or may not have come across before.

Viognier (Vee-on-ee-yay) is popular in South Africa and Marsanne is common in France.

Together they make this delightful blend. It is full of lovely fruit flavours. This makes it very easy to drink.


Previous winner of the international wine challenge bronze award, 2012 vintage.

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