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Wild Life Botanicals Sparkling Blush, 75cl

Wild Life Botanicals
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Wild Life Botanicals sparkling blush with juicy, wild strawberry aromas, followed by a notably rounded, mineral palate evoking rosehip tea, strawberries and cream, and Cornish orchard fruits such as crab apple and red apple. Serve chilled in a Champagne flute.

Crafted in Cornwall, this trailblazing ultra low alcohol (0.5% ABV) bubbly is brimming with plant power from an uplifting elixir of five fabulous botanicals and eight active vitamins and minerals each chosen for their health-giving properties. 

The award-winning Wild Life Botanicals introduces the unique concept of #BubblesWithBenefits®. Low in carbs and calories, 100% vegan, each 125ml glass delivers a minimum 15% of the  daily reference intake of the eight active vitamins and minerals and less than 35 calories per glass (over 60% fewer calories than Champagne and Prosecco.) To find out more: Wild Life Botanicals